Equipment List


  • Model: NX934B-11G
ID # 1075
* Two Available
* Built for Rendering
* 3 Phase
* Tiled Scroll
* 56 HP 480V/3/60 Main Drive
* 2.5 Knm Gearbox
* Tiled Scroll (needs to be confirmed)
* 450/266 mm Bowl Diameter
* Max RPM 3250
* Will need a Control Panel and Back Drive Motor
* Ready to Ship
* Units have been sitting for roughly 25 years so it would be wise to send to a shop and AT LEAST have the bearings swapped out.
* Originally built with a hydraulic back drive system but the hydraulics are missing so it needs to be converted to an electric back drive motor like most modern machines have now a days.

* I’m not sure if it is hard faced, or tiled, but they DO have wear protection. You can see in the photos of this one that it does have a tiled conveyor, but originally they had three units and now only two are left. Two we’re tiled, and they thought one was hard faced. We don’t know which ones they have available still as far as the wear protection goes.

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