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  • Model: 4000
ID # 1105

* Ideal For Meat Recovery of Filleted Fish
* Productivity: Up to 10000 Kg Per Hour  
* Dimensions: 2300 L x 1900 W x 2300 H mm
* Power Consumption: 15 KW
* Weight: 5500 Kg

* This press brake is one of the most technologically advanced machines for separating meat from unwanted components, such as cartilage, bones, veins, as well as skin and bones in fish. This machine is used both to improve grading and to separate meat raw materials into meat of mechanical boning and meat and bone residue.

* The processed raw material is drawn between a highly elastic clamping belt and a stainless steel mesh drum rotating with it and is subjected to a short pressing and separation action. As a result, solid, large, or sticky parts remain on the outside of the drum, and all softened parts are pressed in through the holes.

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