Equipment List


  • Model: 618
ID # 1062
* Designed for High Corrosion & High Abuse Applications
* Discharge Wash Hood Removes Blood & Slime Film
* Processes Fish From 2 to 18 lbs. - Round Weight
• Designed For High Corrosion and High Abuse Applications
* Voltage: 220/380/440 VAC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hertz

* Stainless Steel Chains & Drive
* Hand Load or Automatically Loaded From an Auto Header


Fish are manually placed “Head-on” or “Head-off” into the “V” shaped pockets at the loading area. The pockets move past the workers at a variable speed from 20 to 50 fish per minute throughout the cleaning process. The fish is held in the pocket with the open belly facing the workers. Workers stationed along the conveyor open the belly, remove viscera, cut the kidney membrane, and vacuum out the kidney. The fish is then automatically washed inside and out by high volume waterfall, then lowered gently onto an elevating conveyor which raises the fish back to table height for grading and weighing.

Product quality improvements are dramatic due to the reduced handling. Process cost per fish is carefully controlled due to the precise speed control of the fish through the system.

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