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  • Model: TFE-350-A
ID # 1129
* Regular and Deep Skin
* Year: 2014
* Freeze Drum Diameter: 450 mm
* Energy Efficient Freeze Drum
* Skinning Depth: up to 10 mm
* Cutting Width: 370 mm
* Cutting Speed: 12 - 24 m/min
* Band Blade Simple to Replace
* Application: Skin Side Up
* Dimensions: 2600 L x 1500 W x 1500 H mm
* Weight: 680 KG
The NOCK Freeze Drum Skinner TFE-350 is a fish skinning machine with freeze drum technology, in which NOCK puts his long time fish skinning technology competence and his know how in refrigeration technology from the construction of the NOCK scale ice machines. This results in a fish skinning machine with reliable German machine engineering, high quality, high energy efficiency, easy cleaning and compact dimension.
Suitable for soft skin (e.g. defrosted) fish fillets and all types of fish with soft skin.

Produces 2 - 5 % higher yield than other fish skinning machines when thin skinning. 

Large tolerance when skinning different structures and size of fillets of different kinds of fish.
Rotating Band Blade with high precision guide for constant thin skinning. Water jets and scraper keep the band blade clean during operation. 
Water Jets so the product will freeze evenly on to the freeze drum; low water consumption.

Stainless Steel housing with large smooth surfaces and special operation mode for easy cleaning after production. 

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