Equipment List


  • Model: 605
ID # 1028
* 3 Drums Included
* Good Condition
* Some New Spare Parts
* Ready to Ship
* Speed Control: Increases & Decreases Speed When Machine Is Running.
* Capacity: The throughput is dependent upon several factors including: type of product, hole diameter, in-feed device, material pre-treatment, feeding temperature, selected pressure etc.
  • Continuous processing of large quantities of material
  • Hygienic stainless steel compact construction
  • Touch panel as standard equipment to exchange product data
  • Dry running sensor to control product flow
  • Robust construction and bilateral reinforced bearing
  • Support system ensures substantially longer lifetime of the belt
  • User-friendly and ergonomic operation
  • Conformance to modern hygiene and safety standards
  • USDA approved and CE labeled

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