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  • Model: 427 V-CUT
ID # 1176
* Rebuilt Down to the Frame
* New Paint
* Capacity: Up to 35 F.P.M.
* Very Good Condition
* Dimensions: 1.75 x 1.00 x 1.95 m
* Weight: 1100 Pounds
* Ready for Production
* De-heads Sea Trout, Salmon, Cod, Haddock, Bled or Un-bled.  A meat saving header with a V-Cut directly behind the collar bone. This machine is designed for heading white fish with an overall length from 50-100 cm. The Spikes holding the head, control flaps and a knife head controlled by the thickness of the fish always make for an optimal head cut.  Fitted with an additional tail cutter, the Baader 427 is used for processing tuna.

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