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Model: 140
ID Number: 1077

* Low Pressure Waterfall
* Very Good Operating Condition
* Compact Automatic Design
* Rugged Industrial Glazer
* High Volume
* Sanitary Stainless Steel Pump
* High Volume
* Ready to Ship

* For H & G Salmon, H & G Fish, Halibut, Fillets and other Seafood Products.

* Totally Immerses Frozen Product In a Glaze Solution.

* A Region of Standing Water Is Created to Efficiently Cover Exposed Skin as Well as Most Body Cavities.

* Automatic Glaze Water Solution Makeup.

* Unlike Dip Glazers, This Machine Does Not Require Flights for Individual Fish.

* With the Flat Belt, The Machine Is Much Smaller, Has Less Belt Wear, and No Flight Damage.

* Heavy Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt.
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