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Model: T-400
Year: 2002
ID Number: 1153

* Good Condition
* Top Seal
* Voltage: 220-3-60 Hertz
* Machine Weight: 1000 Pounds
* Shipping Length: 50”
* Shipping Width: 30”
* Shipping Height: 50”
* Ready to Ship

* The Multivac T400 Traysealer is a high performance tray sealer combining speed and flexible output to produce up to 60 trays per minute in a wide range of sizes. It is a fully automatic, gas-flushing tray sealer and can accommodate materials such as plastic, barrier foam, and paperboard. Suitable for use in high speed continuous operation food production such as: soups, sauces, fresh and cooked meat, small goods, stocks, powders, cheese & more, medical or consumer goods facilities.
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