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ID Number: 1053

* Very Good Condition
* Twin Shaft
* Power Supply: Hydraulic
* High-Volume Waste Grinding
* For Wet and Dry Heavy Solids
* Gravity Feed Via Hopper
* Quiet Operation
* 100% Repairable in The Field
* Adjustable Height
* Portable

* The X-Ripper XRL Grinder Macerator with hydraulic power supply (Honda) transforms big things into little things.

* Designed for grinding fish and bone, slaughterhouse waste and whole carcasses, sugar beet waste, destroying recycled materials and aluminum/tin cans.

* Previously used for making fertilizer from carp. This unit has hardly been used and is in excellent condition. The blades are sharp (tungsten carbide), and it has been fitted by professionals for hydraulic power operation. A single gas powered Honda GX-640 powers the hydraulic motor on each blade.

* Comes with hydraulic power supply. This means you can throw the whole setup on a trailer. Fits into a fixed line or can travel site to site.
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