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Model: FR-75
Year: 2017 BRAND NEW
ID Number: 1018

* Brand New
* Fillets Headed and Gutted Fish
* USDA Approved
* Weight: 550 Pounds
* Belt Speed: 40 Feet Per Minute
* Fish Size: 12 Ounce to 8 lbs.
* Ready To Ship

* Species: Trout, Ocean Perch, Lake Perch, Red Fish, Whitefish, Walleye, Lake White Fish, Mullet, Salmon, and Bass.

* Removes Backbone, Ribs, Tail & Fins.
* Designed to work with head off previously gutted fish.
* Based on the same technology as the successful FR-200.
* Utilizes the same drive, backbone and rib removal systems as the FR-200.
* Does not have evisceration capabilities.
* Provides a lower cost option for smaller processors to fillet already gutted fish.
* Retains the same versatility of size and species as the FR-200.
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