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Model: TFE-350 W
ID Number: 1104

* Very Good Condition
* Low Running Hours
* Freeze Drum Diameter: 450 mm
* Energy Efficient Freeze Drum
* Band Blade Easy to Replace
* Skinning Depth: up to 10 mm
* Cutting Width: 370 mm
* Cutting Speed: 12 - 24 m/min
* Application: Skin Side Up
* Weight: 680 KG
* Mobile with Lockable Castors

* Suitable for soft skin (e.g. defrosted) fish fillets and all types of fish with soft skin.

* 2 - 5 % higher yield than other drum skinning machines.

* Large tolerance when skinning different structures and size of fillets of different kinds of fish.

* Rotating Band Blade with high precision guide for constant thin skinning. Water jets and scraper keep the band blade clean during operation.
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