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Model: CT-2611
ID Number: 1039

* Over Hauled
* Operator’s Manual Included
* Fish In-Feed
* Voltage: 220-3-60 Hertz
* Up to 20 Fish Per Minute
* Fish Size: 1 to 16 Pounds
* 304 Stainless Steel
* Machine Weight: 1000 Pounds
* Shipping Weight: 1150 Pounds

* High Quality Filleting
* High Yield Percentage
* Suited for all Processors
* Feeds Direct to Trim Line
* Frame Ejector
* Highly Flexible Regarding the size of Salmon, Trout, Pollock and Walleye.

* The gutted beheaded fish is placed in the in-feed chute, belly side up. The feeding belts lead the fish to the cutting section where a sensor automatically adjusts the band knives to accurate cutting along the center-bone.

* Band knives which adjust to each individual fish representing one of the most efficient techniques on the market. This method ensures high yield comparable to manual labor.

* With this filleting machine time-consuming readjustment is avoided. By simple adjustment of valve pressure, the machine automatically cuts the required type of fillet.

* The open design of the fillet machine makes cleaning considerably easier. At the back of the machine there are two access doors though which the band knives can be replaced and all components efficiently cleaned. Dampers make it easy to open the cabinet for inside cleaning and maintenance.

* All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel and other approved materials. This machine is small-dimensional and easy to install even in small production areas.

* The machine is sturdy, stable and easy to operate.
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