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Model: AT-250
ID Number: 1119

* Perfect for defrosting a wide range of food products including prawns, fish, meat, milk, sandwich fillings and ready meal ingredients.

* Horizontal Air Flow
* Two Available
* Operator’s Manual
* One Cubic Meter Foot Print
* Capacity: 56 lbs. Per Cycle
* Defrost Times: 15-30 Minutes
* Fitted With Seven Trays
* Low Running Costs
* CIP & PID Temperature Options

* Enables Sushi restaurants to meet USA and EU regulations demanding raw fish to be previously frozen.

* A versatile machine with extremely low energy costs but still maintaining the high standards of build and proven technology.

* Horizontal airflow system ensures rapid and consistent thawing, maximizing yield and minimizing waste.

* Siemens computer controlled management system maintains integrity of product, holding color and protein.
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